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    Syntax highlighting library support for modern frontend frameworks

    I was wondering which modern frontend frameworks are supported by syntax highlighting libraries. The list is growing! When you consider that people use frameworks with TypeScript also, does that mean that they need to have 2 language variants for ...

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    How I fixed the feed on my website

    I was trying out some news readers on Linux recently, and I used my own feed as the test input. I noticed that my feed was a bit odd looking in one reader. I need to fix it up!

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    Migrating from VS Code to VS Codium on Linux painlessly

    Switching to VS Codium does not require much effort. You just need to install it and copy some configuration files.

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    How to make a slick CSS animation from Upload

    This time, I will tackle a title sequence from Upload. It has a cool chugging, progress bar reveal of the title.

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    VS Code or VS Codium?

    VS Code is a mostly open-source code editor. VS Codium is a fully open-source alternative. Which is one best for you?