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    How to add a favicon to your website

    A favicon is the small icon that represents your website. Over time, the requirements for adding a favicon to your website/web app got out of hand. Thankfully, it has gotten saner, now you can forgo a generator. Being able to use SVG has made a ma...

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    My article was #1 on Hackernews yesterday and it was an unpleasant experience

    I wrote an article on May 1st about Google updating the country associated with my account automatically. Yesterday, I received an email from someone telling me that the article was top of Hackernews. I read the thread and found it disconcerting.

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    Write a VS Code extension in JavaScript, not TypeScript ^

    The official docs for the VS Code API are oriented towards TypeScript and all of the examples are written in TypeScript. If you read the docs, it may not be apparent that you can build an extension in JavaScript. The purpose of this article is to ...

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    Give your linux terminal a makeover

    A terminal is a dark rectangle with text. It's utilitarian. There isn't a lot of options for making it stylish, but you can make it feel more personal with a few changes. This is what I did.

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    An unwanted update to your Google Account

    Google sent me an email informing me that they will change the country associated with my account in 30 days. I am skeptical of the rationale for this change, and would like to know what conditions trigger this process. So, I decided to dig deeper...