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    VS Code - Snippets are not bash aliases. How to write great snippets that anyone can use

    Most snippet collections resemble bash aliases. You have a list of nonsense abbreviations such as 'clg'. You must learn these to make sense of them, to save future keystrokes. Snippets are more powerful than aliases, there is another way!

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    VS Code - Get type checking in JavaScript easily

    Did you know you can get type checking in JavaScript in VS Code? VS Code allows you to leverage some of TypeScript's advanced type checking and error reporting functionality in plain old JavaScript files. And you can even do some quick fixes!

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    VS Code - How many extensions should I use?

    VS Code is a relatively lightweight editor. It is up to the user to extend the editor to their particular needs through extensions. To keep VS Code purring along nicely, how many extensions should you use?

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    Images are hard. Is there a simpler way?

    Putting images on the web is hard, there are so many different considerations. I believe in some ways, we're making it hard for ourselves. Today, I'd like to discuss some of the issues, and provide some guidance.

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    Make your own (interactive) graphic novel

    As a child, I was spellbound by the 2000 AD comics. I always wanted to create something like it. After cultivating more front-end skills, I decided to try to make a graphic novel cross-breed for the web with microactions and auto-scrolling. This i...