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    Easy file management in VS Code

    VS Code lacks the ability to perform most file actions with commands. You need to jump into the File Explorer and get busy with your mouse most of the time. I decided to create an extension to enable all file actions to be performed with commands ...

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    A quick reference for shadows in CSS

    Shadows add physical realism to user interfaces. When used well, they can help create interfaces that pop. This article is a quick reference on how to use shadows in CSS.

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    Making money from open source

    How do developers monetize open source projects? Can you make a decent living? I will discuss some inspiring stories of how a few people achieved that.

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    Get Git and Github/GitLab in sync on default branch naming (master | main)

    Last July, GitHub and other Git hosting platforms changed the default initial branch name to `main` (from `master`). However, Git did not! How can we fix this?

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    Add intellisense for third-party JavaScript libraries in VS Code (it is not always automatic)

    You may have noticed that if you use a script tag to include a library in your HTML file, you don't get any intellisense suggestions in your JavaScript file. VS Code doesn't seem to know about the library. There is a simple way to solve this!