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  1. A redesign of the Adobe Creative Cloud app using glassmorphism. The window is semi-transparent and shows the background underneath in blurred fashion. It has a side panel with the categories: apps, categories, fonts, and resource links. The central area shows all the apps installed. The design is very eye catching.

    The backdrop-filter CSS property has been unprefixed

    The backdrop-filter CSS property required a prefix in Safari since forever. Not anymore! 🙌

  2. A iconographic view of the CSS properties translate, scale and rotate featuing a monkey with a banana being transformed by each of those properties to show the affect.

    Hey, hey we’re the translate, scale, and rotate CSS properties - and we don’t monkey around

    Learning transforms, you may have found it was not a case of monkey see, monkey do. To improve usage - 3 properties have been added to CSS.

  3. A quick trick to create animated silhouettes in CSS

    This is a shortcut to fashion an animated scene with silhouettes with very little CSS and zero JS. File it under ‘creative’ and maybe ‘frivulous’!

  4. Do not drop Sass for CSS

    Some people believe it is time to drop Sass. I beg to differ.

  5. How can I keep up with changes to the web platform?

    What resouces can help to keep up with changes to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Do we know what is coming soon?

  6. Improvements that CSS could use in 2023

    Last year was a bumper year for CSS. Rather than ask for new features. I would like to see more improvements to what we already have.

  7. Star Wars circular wipe transition - @property vs clippath vs mask

    Star Wars is famous for its wipe scene transitions. I wanted to create a CSS transition for a circular wipe that works in every browser.

  8. Diamond wipe animation for revealing text

    I was riffing on some ideas for revealing text in interesting ways. How about some shapes? How about a diamond wipe?

  9. Are CSS utility classes a mild form of obfuscation?

    If I see something novel on a website, I like to investigate how it was made. When I was exploring an example today, there was something unexpected.

  10. Add a table of contents (TOC) to your blog posts

    A table of contents (TOC) can enable readers to quickly navigate its contents. Lets go through it from top to bottom in a beginner-friendly way.

  11. How to create a slick CSS animation from The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

    This time, I will animate a title sequence from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel from Episode 2 of Season 4. It has a cool kind of curtain swipe affect.

  12. Add a ‘skip to main content’ navigation link to your website

    To improve the experience of your website for users with disabilities, we can provide a ‘skip to main content’ navigation link. Here’s how to add it.

  13. A quick reference for shadows in CSS

    Shadows add physical realism to user interfaces. This article is a quick reference on how to use shadows in CSS.

  14. An analog limegreen clock against a stark white background. It has The Matrix vibes.

    Calculate the estimated reading time for a blog post

    Can we add anything to a standard blog that would enhance the reading experience? How about the estimated reading time?

  15. Make a reading progress bar for your blog

    Can we add anything to a standard blog that would enhance the reading experience? How about a reading progress bar?

  16. Make it stick! Sticky headers in CSS 🦎🔝

    Sticky headers can simplify cross-referencing cells in tables, and make navigation easier in different scenarios. Let’s explore some CSS examples.