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    Add a 'copy code to clipboard' button to your blog's code blocks

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a 'copy code' button to code blocks in your blog that will copy the code to the system clipboard. This will make it simply for your readers to copy and paste the code you are discussing.

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    Testing a Svelte app with Jest

    In this tutorial, I will go through using Svelte with Vite, and show you how to test a complete app with Jest. I will be using JavaScript, but I will mention the extra steps you need to take if you want to use TypeScript instead.

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    VS Code: You don't need that extension part 2

    VS Code has builtin features and settings that ably do the work of many popular extensions. Take a look, you may not need that extension!

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    VS Code - Quickly increment and decrement numeric values with keyboard shortcuts

    When you are building websites, sometimes you need to experiment with values to get things just right. Browser devtools enable you to increment and decrement numeric values with keyboard shortcuts, wouldn't it be nice to have this in VS Code too?

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    Automatically change your wallpaper on Linux

    Having a beautiful wallpaper (desktop image) can boost your work environment aesthetic. Let's set up a job to automatically change the wallpaper to keep things looking *fresh*!