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    How to detect scroll direction in vanilla JavaScript (to make a goofy logo animation)

    I wanted to try out a goofy idea. I wanted to animate a website's logo so that it would fall over when you scroll down, and right itself when you scroll up. First, how do you detect the direction the user is scrolling?

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    How to include browser support data (caniuse) in your blog posts

    As a frontend dev, you probably consult to check on the browser support for features. Wouldn't it be nice to have a simple way to include this data in your posts too?

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    Native lazy-loading - Why doesn't the video element have it?

    We have the ability to lazy load images and iframes in browsers now via the loading attribute. This is a huge boon for web performance. But why not videos too?

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    Add a 'skip to main content' navigation link to your website to improve accessibility

    On most webpages, keyboard and screen reader users must navigate a long list of links and elements before arriving at the main content. This can be particularly difficult for users with some form of motor disability. We can improve this situation ...

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    Setup VS Code for Java development

    To setup VS Code for Java development, you need install some extensions to provide the necessary core language features. I will go through how to setup things up from zero, with some beginner-friendly explanation.