Safari goes all-in on images

Safari goes all-in on images

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Apple will ship support for the JPEG XL and HEIC image formats in Safari 17. Safari 17 will be the only browser to support the 3 most modern image formats: AVIF, HEIC, and JPEG XL.

This was announced at The Worldwide Developers Conference 2023, you can watch a short video presentation to hear Apple’s thoughts on images.

I spoke about this new generation of image formats in a recent post.

The next generation image format for the web is not JPEG XL?

I am late to the party here, but Google looks like they casted their vote for what they want the next image format for the web to be.

I hope that Google are paying attention to Apple and that they reconsider their position on JPEG XL. JPEG XL and AVIF are 2 different beasts. It would be refreshing if every major browser implemented all of the modern image formats, just like Apple. 🤞