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  1. A tablet has two hands hovering it with a measuring tape.

    Responsive video - How can we reduce the size of video content served?

    How can we reduce the size of video content served? How do you load the best fit video for a device - not too big, not too small?

  2. A noisy distorted youtube logo is front and center of the image. The background is striped yellow and black, resembling a warning sign.

    YouTube embeds are bloated - use a lazy loading video or a facade instead

    The average YouTube embed clocks in at over 1MB, and that does not involve loading a single byte of the video. Is there a better way?

  3. A mobile phone is showing a webpage with the content overflowing the viewport. The overflowed content has a grey box in a unloaded state. Next to it is a cartoon rendition of a sloth with a speech bubble saying 'lazy load iframes, unless you want slow living like me'.

    Don’t sleep on native lazy loading iframes - now available in a browser near you

    Lazy loading of iframes can significantly improve performance. Now there is native support for it in all browser engines. Don’t sleep on it!

  4. How to preload fonts on Netlify (issue resolution)

    On my personal website, I preload the fonts. I had noticed that FOUT was still happening sometimes on slower connections and wasn’t sure why.

  5. Is Lighthouse a realistic and accurate performance tool?

    It is a big challenge to get a top performance score in Lighthouse. Is Lighthouse realistic?