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  1. The VS Code logo is shown surrounded by  a plus sign with an arrow line encircling it, this indicates the concept of extending it!  Next to it is the esbuild logo which is a yellow circle with 2 right chevrons.

    VS Code - Why you should always bundle a VS Code extension, and prefer esbuild as the bundler

    Bundled extensions load faster. I would recommend using esbuild as your bundler. Here is why.

  2. A faint autocompletion scenario is show. The text 'config.' is accompanied with a suggestion list with completions beginning with 'DateTime' highlighted. This is cast againt a soft purple background with the eleventy possum floating beside it on a balloon.

    Eleventy - Get autocompletion and doc info in your eleventy config in VS Code

    In VS Code, you don’t get autocompletion in your eleventy config. You don’t get info about functions when you hover over them. Here is how you add it.

  3. A rotating white cog has a red X over it.

    VS Code - Fix a task automation issue ‘The terminal process failed to launch (exit code: 127)’

    I like to run a web server automatically whenever I open a web project in VS Code. I use VS Code tasks to do this. Suddenly, this has stopped working!

  4. A screenshot of a HTML document in VS Code has has a highlighted box emphasizig the sticky section. The lines 2, 9, 10, 12 and 18 are fixed to the top of the document showing the opening tags of HTML elements.

    VS Code - Sticky code sections for improved contextual browsing (sticky scroll)

    When you are poring through code, you can lose your place. An aid to combat this is sticky headings. Let’s check out the VS Code’s sticky setting.

  5. VS Code Profiles - Know what profile you are using, no doubt

    One weak point with profiles is that it is hard to identify what profile you are using. Here is a solution.

  6. VS Code - Auto rename HTML tags in React, Vue, and others

    Auto renaming of HTML tags has been in VS Code for ages. However, this functionality has been conspiciously absent from JSX. Has it been added yet?

  7. VS Code Profiles: Manage configurations easily for workflows

    Have you ever wanted a custom setup in VS Code for a particular environment or a workflow? Now, there is a simpler way!

  8. Global find and replace of all occurences of text in VS Code

    I needed to replace the same string across 21 files in a project recently. Oddly, it was not obvious how to do this in VS Code! Here is how to do it.

  9. Open a project in VS Code in a flash 📂⚡

    The one thing that you do all the time with VS Code is open a folder. Wouldn’t it be nice to find your project and open it in VS Code really quickly?

  10. VS Code - Catch errors in your markdown files

    You can make syntax mistakes in Markdown the same as you would with any programming language. Here is how you can catch those syntax mistakes.

  11. Migrating from VS Code to VS Codium on Linux painlessly

    Switching to VS Codium does not require much effort. You just need to install it and copy some configuration files.

  12. VS Code or VS Codium - Which should I choose?

    You may have heard of VS Codium as an alternative to VS Code and may be wondering which you should choose. Which one is best for you?

  13. VS Code - You don’t need a formatting extension (Prettier and friends)

    You can use the built-in formatters for a growing number of languages. You may not need an extension!

  14. VS Code - What’s the deal with the telemetry?

    VS Code collects telemetry data to help understand Microsoft how to improve the product. Is it above board? Can I turn it off completely?

  15. Setup VS Code for Java development

    I will go through how to setup VS Code for Java development from zero. You need to install some extensions to provide the core language features.

  16. VS Code keyboard shortcuts that will boost your productivity

    Keyboard shortcuts help you achieve tasks quicker. Any task you perform regularly is a candidate for a shortcut. Let’s cover some practical examples.

  17. VS Code: You don’t need that extension part 2

    VS Code has builtin features and settings that ably do the work of many popular extensions. Take a look, you may not need that extension!

  18. VS Code - increment and decrement numbers with shortcuts

    Browser devtools enable you to increment and decrement numeric values with keyboard shortcuts, wouldn’t it be nice to have this in VS Code too?

  19. VS Code - How to write great snippets that anyone can use

    Many snippets resemble bash aliases. They are a list of nonsense abbreviations. Snippets are more powerful than that, there is a better way!

  20. VS Code - Get type checking in JavaScript easily

    Did you know you can get type checking in plain old JavaScript files in VS Code? And it is easy to enable it.

  21. VS Code - How many extensions should I use?

    VS Code is a text editor. It is up to you to customize it to their needs with extensions. How many extensions should you use to keep it running well?

  22. Write a VS Code extension in JavaScript, not TypeScript ^

    The VS Code API docs are oriented towards TypeScript. I will offer a JavaScript alternative, and offer some insight on building extensions.

  23. Easy file management in VS Code

    Is there an easier way than hopping to the File Explorer and getting busy with your mouse to perform file actions?

  24. Add missing intellisense for JavaScript libraries in VS Code

    If you use a script tag to include a library in your webpage, you don’t get any intellisense suggestions in your script. Here is how to solve this.

  25. How to run a command automatically in VS Code when you open a project

    It would be great to launch a bundler or server for a web project when I open a project in VS Code. Can this be done in VS Code?

  26. VS Code’s secret snippets

    Did you know that VS Code has built-in snippets? They are not documented. There is no way to browse them in VS Code. How do you find out about them?

  27. Customize your VS Code setup for a project, or for a language

    You may want to want VS Code setup differently for a specific project or when working with a particular language. What is the simplest way?

  28. How to use VS Code as your Git editor, difftool, and mergetool

    Do you use VS Code as your default Git editor? Let’s look at the potential benefits of using VS Code as a fully-fledged Git partner, and how you can do it.

  29. The easy way to find the perfect font and theme combination

    Personalising the look of your editor can give your digital life a more homely feeling. How can you find the perfect theme and font efficiently?

  30. VS Code - You don’t need that extension

    There are quite a few features and settings that ably do the work of many popular extensions. Take a look, you may not need that extension!