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  1. A question mark sits above a background with a gradient that goes from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. The gradient goes from dark to light colors, and features the orangeish hues of the CSS Tricks branding in the lighter half.

    Is CSS Tricks back?

    There are signs that CSS Tricks is being revived after being dormant for over a year.

  2. The State of HTML 2023 cyberpunk logo. The word 'HTML' is the center. In the background, it has 6 diagonal blades with a blueish gradient with a wrap-around ribbon with the words 'state of' on one side and '2023' on the other side.

    What can we conclude from the State of HTML 2023 survey results?

    The State of HTML survey results have come in! What can we conclude?

  3. The decline of CSS Tricks

    It is sad to see that CSS Tricks is in a steady decline. Geoff Graham has left. It is a totally different regime now.