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  1. A mobile phone with the Chome logo on the screen lies on a worktop. Above it floats some test tubes with one test tube containing a flower.

    Testing experimental browser features on Linux - Is Linux supported?

    I was exploring new HTML and CSS feaures yesterday, a new proposal called Invokers caught my attention. I wanted to try it out in a browser on Linux.

  2. Recover from a linux boot issue - no free disk space

    The other day, I got myself in a tangle. I ran out of disk space on my system hard drive and I could not boot into Ubuntu properly. This is how I fixed it.

  3. The best password manager on Linux?

    KeePass was my first choice password manager. Over time, I noticed that it has some persistent issues. Its time to look for a replacement!

  4. Spring clean your home directory! Or should you? 🌻🧹🤔

    I like things organized. Ideally, my home directory will only have a handful of files and directories, and I know what they are. This is NOT the case!

  5. Automatically change your wallpaper on Linux

    Having a beautiful desktop wallpaper can boost your environment aesthetic. Let’s automate changing the wallpaper to keep things looking fresh!

  6. Give your linux terminal a makeover

    A terminal is a dark rectangle with text. It’s utilitarian. You can make it feel more personal with a few style changes. This is what I did.