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  1. How to check how much space node_modules folders take up

    Your project’s node dependencies can gobble a considerable chunk of your hard-drive. How can you find out how much space node_modules folders take up?

  2. How can I keep up with changes to the web platform?

    What resouces can help to keep up with changes to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Do we know what is coming soon?

  3. How to migrate a JavaScript project to pnpm (package manager)

    pnpm claims to be the performant node package manager. Is it worthwhile migrating my existing projects?

  4. Add a smart back to top button to your website 👓🔝

    A back to top button helps users navigate to the top of long pages. I want to show you a smart version that stays out of the reader’s way!

  5. Detect scroll direction in vanilla JavaScript

    I had a goofy idea. I wanted to animate a website logo so that it would fall over when a user scrolled down. How can you detect scroll direction?

  6. How to include browser support data (caniuse) in your blog posts

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple way to include caniuse data in your posts? Your readers will appreciate it, I’m sure!

  7. Native lazy-loading - Why doesn’t the video element have it?

    We have the ability to lazy load images and iframes in browsers now via the loading attribute. This is a huge boon for web performance. But why not videos too?

  8. Add bookmark links to your blog to make it easy to reference

    Bookmark links are links in the headings to make it possible to reference a section of your page with an URL. I will show you how to create them.

  9. How to add a ‘copy to clipboard’ button to code blocks

    A copy button enabled quick copying of code to the clipboard. I will show how to use the Clipboard API, style the button, and provide user feedback.

  10. Write a VS Code extension in JavaScript, not TypeScript ^

    The VS Code API docs are oriented towards TypeScript. I will offer a JavaScript alternative, and offer some insight on building extensions.

  11. Animating text along a path (it’s easy)

    It is easy to animate text along a path. You can use it to make some fun effects. All you need is some SVG and a sprinkle of JavaScript.

  12. An analog limegreen clock against a stark white background. It has The Matrix vibes.

    Calculate the estimated reading time for a blog post

    Can we add anything to a standard blog that would enhance the reading experience? How about the estimated reading time?

  13. Make a reading progress bar for your blog

    Can we add anything to a standard blog that would enhance the reading experience? How about a reading progress bar?