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  1. A tablet has two hands hovering it with a measuring tape.

    Responsive video - How can we reduce the size of video content served?

    How can we reduce the size of video content served? How do you load the best fit video for a device - not too big, not too small?

  2. The State of HTML 2023 cyberpunk logo. The word 'HTML' is the center. In the background, it has 6 diagonal blades with a blueish gradient with a wrap-around ribbon with the words 'state of' on one side and '2023' on the other side.

    What can we conclude from the State of HTML 2023 survey results?

    The State of HTML survey results have come in! What can we conclude?

  3. A noisy distorted youtube logo is front and center of the image. The background is striped yellow and black, resembling a warning sign.

    YouTube embeds are bloated - use a lazy loading video or a facade instead

    The average YouTube embed clocks in at over 1MB, and that does not involve loading a single byte of the video. Is there a better way?

  4. A mobile phone is showing a webpage with the content overflowing the viewport. The overflowed content has a grey box in a unloaded state. Next to it is a cartoon rendition of a sloth with a speech bubble saying 'lazy load iframes, unless you want slow living like me'.

    Don’t sleep on native lazy loading iframes - now available in a browser near you

    Lazy loading of iframes can significantly improve performance. Now there is native support for it in all browser engines. Don’t sleep on it!

  5. The state of HTML

    HTML has changed very little in recent years. Is HTML complete? Is it neglected? What is the state of HTML?

  6. How to include browser support data (caniuse) in your blog posts

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple way to include caniuse data in your posts? Your readers will appreciate it, I’m sure!

  7. Native lazy-loading - Why doesn’t the video element have it?

    We have the ability to lazy load images and iframes in browsers now via the loading attribute. This is a huge boon for web performance. But why not videos too?

  8. Add a ‘skip to main content’ navigation link to your website

    To improve the experience of your website for users with disabilities, we can provide a ‘skip to main content’ navigation link. Here’s how to add it.

  9. Create eye-catching rich snippets for your posts

    Rich snippets are summaries of the content of a webpage. This article will teach you how to improve your website to create eye-catching rich snippets.

  10. An analog limegreen clock against a stark white background. It has The Matrix vibes.

    Calculate the estimated reading time for a blog post

    Can we add anything to a standard blog that would enhance the reading experience? How about the estimated reading time?

  11. Make a reading progress bar for your blog

    Can we add anything to a standard blog that would enhance the reading experience? How about a reading progress bar?

  12. HTML Nuggets: Little bits that you may not know or forgotten

    Improve your knowledge of HTML with little bits that you may have forgotten, never learned, never realised, or ignored!

  13. ARIA: singing from the same hymn sheet 💻

    ARIA is a W3C specification with the aim of improving accessibility for web applications. It is a misunderstood topic. Let’s clarify the topic.

  14. A blank file is shown against a pale blue background.

    A11y - Just the hits 💻

    Accessibility (A11y) refers to the creation of digital content that can be used by everyone. How do you make accessible websites?

  15. Make it stick! Sticky headers in CSS 🦎🔝

    Sticky headers can simplify cross-referencing cells in tables, and make navigation easier in different scenarios. Let’s explore some CSS examples.