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  1. How to verify a website migration - testing a sitemap

    I migrated my website recently. I wanted to preserve the same URLs for my webpages. I wanted to verify it was done correctly. This is how I did it.

  2. Open a project in VS Code in a flash 📂⚡

    The one thing that you do all the time with VS Code is open a folder. Wouldn’t it be nice to find your project and open it in VS Code really quickly?

  3. Read XKCD in the terminal with some bash magic

    XKCD is probably the most popular webcomic with Devs. It only seems right that you can read it from the comfort of your terminal via a xkcd command.

  4. Automatically change your wallpaper on Linux

    Having a beautiful desktop wallpaper can boost your environment aesthetic. Let’s automate changing the wallpaper to keep things looking fresh!