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    How to use VS Code as your Git editor, difftool, and mergetool

    Do you use VS Code as your default Git Editor? Should you? Let's look at the potential benefits of using VS Code as a fully-fledged Git partner, and how you can do it.

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    The easy way to find the perfect font and theme combination

    Spending some time to personalise the look and feel of your editor can give your digital life a more homely feeling. The danger is that you may spend an age playing with themes and fonts to fit the right combo. How can we expedite this process?

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    VS Code: You don't need that extension

    I was digging deeper in VS Code recently and made some interesting discoveries. There are quite a few features and settings that ably do the work of many popular extensions. Take a look, you may not need that extension!

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    Animating text along a path (it's easy)

    It is easy to animate text along a path. You can use it to make some fun effects. All you need is some SVG and a sprinkle of JavaScript.

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    Happier writing with markdown: linting, spellchecking, auto-preview, and more

    I was getting some reoccurring issues when publishing my markdown documents, let's just call them bugs for simplicity, I will discuss them in more detail later. So, I decided to re-evaluate my workflow.