My RSS feed has been upgraded ✨

Three obliquely overlapping sheets of paper lie on a peach background. Each sheet has a pastel color. The top sheet features a rss logo and some yellow sparkles. It looks joyful.

I did some integration work to include posts written for other publications in my RSS feed. Apologies if you see some duplicated items! 📪

Don’t worry, it is the same type of content. It is my words. It is just living on a different server. I would not include anything sales-y or heinous in my feed.

It all went quite smoothly but I shouldn’t have meddled with the update field! So I guess that is why you may be seeing double posts! No need to visit an optican or adjust your screen!

Removing and re-adding the feed in your feed reader usually removes duplication if it bothers you! Back to business as usual!

Thanks for reading! 🫶