A selection of my open-source projects.

VS Code Extensions

You can find my extensions published in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace and the Open VSX Registy.

Snippets Ranger

Snippets Ranger logo

View and edit all of your snippets in one purty place! Yee-haw!!

JavaScript 24

File Bunny

File Bunny logo

Perform file actions quickly with keyboard-driven file selection. 🐰

JavaScript 21

Profile Status

Profile Status logo

Know which your profile you're using, no doubt!

JavaScript 5

Marky Edit

Marky Edit logo

Toggle-style editing for Markdown documents.

JavaScript 1

Marky Stats

Marky Stats logo

Configurable statistics of your markdown document on your status bar.

JavaScript 7

Command-Line Applications

Textual healing!


Fetching logo

A collection of *fetching* unicode art for the terminal.

Shell 52


xkcd logo

Read XKCD from the comfort of your terminal

Shell 5

Web Apps

You know, for browsers!

Now Showing

Now Showing logo

Preview movies showing in theaters in your country

JavaScript 1


Helping others learn through tutorials and projects.

VS Code Extension Examples

VS Code Extension Examples logo

Example VS Code extensions written in JavaScript

JavaScript 28

Eleventy Tutorials

Eleventy Tutorials logo

To-the-point tutorials on Eleventy 🎯

Nunjucks 3