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    How to run a command automatically in VS Code when you open a project

    It would be great to launch my bundler or server when I open a project, and spare me from doing it! VS Code has 'tasks' built-in to automate this. Here is how you can configure your own tasks on startup (or on other occasions) to save you time.

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    VS Code's secret snippets

    Did you know that VS Code has built-in snippets? They are not documented in the VS Code docs. There is no way to browse them inside VS Code. How do you find out what they are?

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    Customise VS Code for a project, or per language

    VS Code is very customisable, it can cater for most of your whims and peccadillos. You may want to do something differently for a specific project or when working with a particular language. So, how can you dress VS Code up for the right occasion?

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    How to use VS Code as your Git editor, difftool, and mergetool

    Do you use VS Code as your default Git Editor? Should you? Let's look at the potential benefits of using VS Code as a fully-fledged Git partner, and how you can do it.

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    The easy way to find the perfect font and theme combination

    Spending some time to personalise the look and feel of your editor can give your digital life a more homely feeling. The danger is that you may spend an age playing with themes and fonts to fit the right combo. How can we expedite this process?