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    Happier writing with markdown: linting, spellchecking, auto-preview, and more

    I was getting some reoccurring issues when publishing my markdown documents, let's just call them bugs for simplicity, I will discuss them in more detail later. So, I decided to re-evaluate my workflow.

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    From 'A' to 'Web App': Test an API in Java

    There are different strategies and tools you can employ for testing web applications, I will break these down for you, and test the application from my previous post.

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    What languages and tools do you use that spark joy?

    What if you gathered all of your digital 'things' together, all of the languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools that you use, and decide what to keep from each category. What would you choose?

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    From 'A' to 'Web App': Build an API in Java

    Understand the core concepts behind a building an API, and build a realistic API in Java with Spring Boot

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    Create eye-catching rich snippets for your posts

    Social media platforms created their own metadata specifications for rich snippets with the goal of helping web creators to advertise their content better. This article will teach you how to improve the metadata of your website to create eye-catch...