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    Setting up VS Code for Java development

    To use VS Code for Java development, you need to install some extensions to provide the necessary core language features. It *should* be quick and easy to get up and running, but is it?

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    VS Code keyboard-fu: custom keyboard shortcuts that will boost your productivity

    Keyboard shortcuts can help you achieve tasks quicker, and with less effort. Any task you perform regularly, especially with the mouse, is a good candidate for a keyboard shortcut that you should use. In the long-run your wrists will thank you for...

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    Read XKCD in the terminal with some bash magic

    XKCD is probably the most popular webcomic with Devs. It only seems right that you can read it from the comfort of your terminal via a 'xkcd' command. How can we pull that off?

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    How to create a slick animation from Ozark (TV series title sequence)

    To mark the occasion of Ozark releasing its fourth season, I created the title sequence as a web animation. If you pay close attention to the title sequence, you can appreciate how some of the details that complement the tone of the show so well.

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    Add bookmark links to your blog to make it easy to reference

    Bookmark links are links to a specific location of the page. You have probably seen these links in the headings of a page usually decorated as a link icon or a hash symbol. I will show you how to add these links to your blog to make it easy to ref...