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    Get Git and Github/GitLab in sync on default branch naming (master | main)

    Last July, GitHub and other Git hosting platforms changed the default initial branch name to `main` (from `master`). However, Git did not! How can we fix this?

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    Add intellisense for third-party JavaScript libraries in VS Code (it is not always automatic)

    You may have noticed that if you use a script tag to include a library in your HTML file, you don't get any intellisense suggestions in your JavaScript file. VS Code doesn't seem to know about the library. There is a simple way to solve this!

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    How to create slick TV show title sequences

    I thought it would be fun to recreate some of the title sequences from TV shows and movies as animations. It might be a good opportunity to boost my skills. First stop, Killing Eve.

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    How to make an awesome horizontal parallax animation

    The parallax effect creates a greater perception of depth. It is used mostly to boost the asethetic quality of scrolling animations. I'm going to deconstruct how you can create the parallax effect with a very visual, interactive example.

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    How to run a command automatically in VS Code when you open a project

    It would be great to launch my bundler or server when I open a project, and spare me from doing it! VS Code has 'tasks' built-in to automate this. Here is how you can configure your own tasks on startup (or on other occasions) to save you time.