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    Hey, hey we're the translate, scale, and rotate CSS properties - and we don't monkey around

    Learning transforms, you may have found it was not a case of monkey see, monkey do. To improve usage - 3 properties have been added to CSS.

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    VS Code - Fix a task automation issue 'The terminal process failed to launch (exit code: 127)'

    I like to run a web server automatically whenever I open a web project in VS Code. I use VS Code tasks to do this. Suddenly, this has stopped working!

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    VS Code - Sticky code sections for improved contextual browsing (sticky scroll)

    When you are poring through code, you can lose your place. An aid to combat this is sticky headings. Let's check out the VS Code's sticky setting.

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    The state of HTML

    HTML has changed very little in recent years. Is HTML complete? Is it neglected? What is the state of HTML?

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    A quick trick to create animated silhouettes in CSS

    This is a shortcut to fashion an animated scene with silhouettes with very little CSS and zero JS. File it under 'creative' and maybe 'frivulous'!

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    How do you market software?

    How do you market new software? Do you just splash it across social media? Is there something significant that will count in the longrun?

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    How to preload fonts on Netlify (issue resolution)

    On my personal website, I preload the fonts. I had noticed that FOUT was still happening sometimes on slower connections and wasn't sure why.

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    Is Lighthouse a misleading performance tool?

    It is a big challenge to get a top performance score in Lighthouse. This may have made you doubt yourself, the tool, or both! Is it misleading?

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    AI and the open web

    There is a protectionist trend now where large platforms are restricting access to data more tightly. What does this mean for the web?

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    How to check how much space node_modules folders take up

    Your project's node dependencies can gobble a considerable chunk of your hard-drive. How can you find out how much space node_modules folders take up?