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    How to create a slick animation from Stranger Things

    Stranger Things might be the most dissected and celebrated title sequence around! Let's break it down and see if we can emulate it as a web animation.

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    Quick tip - How to see console.log errors from your eleventy build in the deploy log on Netlify

    I was making an async shortcode in eleventy. I needed to see the errors that were logged via console.log() in the deploy log.

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    A virtual oasis sponsored by..

    I was watching the movie Ready Player One recently. There is one scene that seemed particularly prescient to me.

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    VS Code Profiles - Know what profile you are using, no doubt

    One weak point with profiles is that it is hard to identify what profile you are using. Here is a solution.

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    A slick animation from Better Call Saul

    This time, I will make the title sequence from Better Call Saul. It looks like a poorly produced, cheesy commercial from the noughties.

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    VS Code - Auto rename HTML tags in React, Vue, Svelte, Nunjucks, and others

    Auto renaming of HTML tags has been in VS Code for ages. However, this functionality has been conspiciously absent from JSX. Has it been added yet?

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    Content duplication and autoblogging AI bots

    I was reviewing the SEO of my website and noticed a bot reposting my content verbatim in an egregious way.

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    VS Code Profiles: Manage configurations easily for workflows

    Have you ever wanted a custom setup in VS Code for a particular environment or a workflow? Now, there is a simpler way!

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    InterOp - what can we actually expect this year?

    The InterOp initiative creates a list of focus areas to work on for the year. It is a bit vague. Can we tease out the details?

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    Should I upgrade to Eleventy 2.0?

    Eleventy 2.0 was released at the beginning of February. It has some major new features. Is it worthwhile to upgrade? Is it painful to upgrade?