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    Eleventy - Differentiate between dev and production builds with unique favicons

    It is easy to mix up the dev and production versions of a website in the browser. Let's make them look unique by using different favicons.

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    YouTube embeds are bloated - use a lazy loading video or a facade instead

    The average YouTube embed clocks in at over 1MB, and that does not involve loading a single byte of the video. Is there a better way?

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    Eleventy - Fetch data from the Github REST API to populate a projects page

    We will populate a page with data from GitHub. We will use the eleventy-fetch plugin to do this with minimal code and refresh the data every 2 days.

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    Write that unpopular post

    Do you ask yourself 'Will this be popular?' before you write or publish a post? This is my approach.

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    Eleventy - Get autocompletion and doc info in your eleventy config in VS Code

    In VS Code, you don't get autocompletion in your eleventy config. You don't get info about functions when you hover over them. Here is how you add it.

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    Make your web feed easy to find, autodiscoverable even

    If you have a web feed, be it RSS or Atom or JSON Feed, help others discover it!

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    Eleventy - Create a global production flag

    A production flag enables you to run activites in production only e.g. minifying assets. There isn't a built-in flag in eleventy. How can we add one?

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    Don’t sleep on native lazy loading iframes - now available in a browser near you

    Lazy loading of iframes can significantly improve performance. Now there is native support for it in all browser engines. Don't sleep on it!

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    Hey, hey we’re the translate, scale, and rotate CSS properties - and we don’t monkey around

    Learning transforms, you may have found it was not a case of monkey see, monkey do. To improve usage - 3 properties have been added to CSS.

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    VS Code - Fix a task automation issue ‘The terminal process failed to launch (exit code: 127)’

    I like to run a web server automatically whenever I open a web project in VS Code. I use VS Code tasks to do this. Suddenly, this has stopped working!