Pimp your blog

Learn how to make your blog more appealing and attractive to readers.

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    Make your web feed easy to find, autodiscoverable even

    If you have a web feed, be it RSS or Atom or JSON Feed, help others discover it!

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    Add a table of contents (TOC) to your blog posts

    A table of contents (TOC) can enable readers to quickly navigate its contents. Lets go through it from top to bottom in a beginner-friendly way.

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    Add a smart back to top button to your website 👓🔝

    A back to top button helps users navigate to the top of long pages. I want to show you a smart version that stays out of the reader's way!

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    How to include browser support data (caniuse) in your blog posts

    Wouldn't it be great to have a simple way to include caniuse data in your posts? Your readers will appreciate it, I'm sure!

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    Add a ‘skip to main content’ navigation link to your website

    To improve the experience of your website for users with disabilities, we can provide a 'skip to main content' navigation link. Here's how to add it.

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    Add bookmark links to your blog to make it easy to reference

    Bookmark links are links in the headings to make it possible to reference a section of your page with an URL. I will show you how to create them.

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    Add a ‘copy code to clipboard’ button to your blog’s code blocks

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a 'copy code' button to code blocks to make it simple for readers to copy and paste code on your blog.

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    Create eye-catching rich snippets for your posts

    Rich snippets are summaries of the content of a webpage. This article will teach you how to improve your website to create eye-catching rich snippets.

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    Calculate the ‘reading time’ for your blog post 🦉

    Can we add anything to a standard blog that would enhance the reading experience? How about the estimated reading time?

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    Make a reading progress bar for your blog

    Can we add anything to a standard blog that would enhance the reading experience? How about a reading progress bar?