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    InterOp - what can we actually expect this year?

    The InterOp initiative creates a list of focus areas to work on for the year. It is a bit vague. Can we tease out the details?

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    Should I upgrade to Eleventy 2.0?

    Eleventy 2.0 was released at the beginning of February. Is it worthwhile to upgrade?

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    The ideal line length for digital text

    The length of a line of text affects reading speed and comprehension. What is the ideal length of a line of text for digital text?

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    The next generation image format for the web is not JPEG XL?

    I am late to the party here, but Google looks like they casted their vote for what they want the next image format for the web to be.

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    How can I keep up with changes to the web platform?

    What resouces can help to keep up with changes to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Do we know what is coming soon?

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    The decline of CSS Tricks

    It is sad to see that CSS Tricks is in a steady decline. Geoff Graham has left. It is a totally different regime now.

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    Improvements that CSS could use in 2023

    Last year was a bumper year for CSS. Rather than ask for new features. I would like to see more improvements to what we already have.

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    Minify and bundle HTML, CSS, and JS as part of your Netlify deployment

    A convenience offered by Netlify is running tasks during and after a build. You can do things such as optimizing assets as part of a deployment. Let's do this through a configuration file.

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    An awesome, cross-browser Star Wars circular wipe transition? CSS houdini vs clippath vs mask

    Star Wars is famous for its wipe scene transitions. I wanted to create a CSS transition for a circular wipe that works in every browser.

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    Diamond wipe animation for revealing text

    I was riffing on some ideas for revealing text in interesting ways. How about some shapes?