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    Improvements that CSS could use in 2023

    Last year was a bumper year for CSS. Rather than ask for new features. I would like to see more improvements to what we already have.

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    Minify and bundle HTML, CSS, and JS as part of your Netlify deployment

    A convenience offered by Netlify is running tasks during and after a build. You can do things such as optimizing assets as part of a deployment. Let's do this through a configuration file.

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    An awesome, cross-browser Star Wars circular wipe transition? CSS houdini vs clippath vs mask

    Star Wars is famous for its wipe scene transitions. I wanted to create a CSS transition for a circular wipe that works in every browser.

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    Diamond wipe animation for revealing text

    I was riffing on some ideas for revealing text in interesting ways. How about some shapes?

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    Learn to love programming - can we teach programming differently?

    Steven Strogatz is not your typical mathematician. He has a gift for making maths fun and accessible. Can we do the same with programming?

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    How to verify a successful website migration to 11ty - test every sitemap link

    I migrated my website from Jekyll to 11ty recently. I wanted to preserve the same URLs for the majority of my webpages. I wanted to test that I did this successfully. This is how I did it.

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    2023 - Ring in the true

    This is the time of the year when many people have retrospectives of the year that has past, and make resolutions for the coming year. Here is an alternative to that!

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    To my RSS friends - There was an issue with my RSS feed after migrating my website - it is fixed now!

    I just moved my website to 11ty. It went well but there was a wee bit of collateral damage! I made a faux pas with my feed. It is fixed now.

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    How to perform a global find and replace of text (replace all occurences in all files) in VS Code

    I needed to replace the same string across 21 files in a project recently. I thought this should be quick and easy. Oddly, it was not obvious how to do this in VS Code! If you want to do in the UI, it is like finding a secret room hidden behind a bookcase from an espionage novel

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    Want to create attractive, interactive docs? Use these amazing documentation tools and examples

    Too often, technical documentation is dry, linear, and static. I believe that there is great potential for making stories about code more expressive and edifying. I want to explore the new wave of documentation tools that are pushing the boundaries.