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    How to migrate a JavaScript project to pnpm (package manager)

    pnpm claims to be the "performant node package manager". It using less disk space, and can resolve dependency trees much faster than its peers. Should I migrate my existing projects?

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    How to keep your email address private in GitHub

    After switching to a more privacy-conscious email provider recently, I also wanted to review where I publish that email address to. One important place to check is any Git host you use such as GitHub.

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    Open a project in VS Code in a flash 📂⚡

    The one thing that you do all the time with VS Code is open a folder. Wouldn't it be nice to find your project and open it in VS Code *really* quickly?

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    The best password manager on Linux?

    KeePass was my first choice password manager. Over time, I noticed that it has some persistent issues. Its time to look for a replacement!

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    VS Code - Catch errors in your markdown files

    While Markdown is designed to be easy to read and write, you can make mistakes the same as you would with any programming language! Here is how you catch those syntax mistakes...