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    How do you market software?

    How do you market new software? Do you just splash it across social media? Is there something significant that will count in the longrun?

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    How to preload fonts on Netlify (issue resolution)

    On my personal website, I preload the fonts. I had noticed that FOUT was still happening sometimes on slower connections and wasn't sure why.

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    Is Lighthouse a misleading performance tool?

    It is a big challenge to get a top performance score in Lighthouse. This may have made you doubt yourself, the tool, or both! Is it misleading?

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    AI and the open web

    There is a protectionist trend now where large platforms are restricting access to data more tightly. What does this mean for the web?

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    How to check how much space node_modules folders take up on your hard-disk

    Your project's node dependencies can gobble a considerable chunk of your hard-drive. How can you find out how much space node_modules folders take up?

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    Safari goes all-in on images

    Apple announced that they will ship support for the JPEG XL and HEIC image formats in Safari 17

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    Do not drop Sass for CSS

    Some people believe it is time to drop Sass. I beg to differ.

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    How to create a slick animation from Stranger Things

    Stranger Things might be the most dissected and celebrated title sequence around! Let's break it down and see if we can emulate it as a web animation.

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    Quick tip - How to see console.log errors from your eleventy build in the deploy log on Netlify

    I was making an async shortcode in eleventy. I needed to see the errors that were logged via console.log() in the deploy log.

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    A virtual oasis sponsored by..

    I was watching the movie Ready Player One recently. There is one scene that seemed particularly prescient to me.