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    What can we conclude from the State of HTML 2023 survey results?

    The State of HTML survey results have come in! What can we conclude?

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    How to create a slick CSS animation from Alien

    The title sequence for Alien is iconic. It sets the mood of the movie perfectly. Let's see how we can recreate it as a web animation!

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    Too many third-party embeds are making this accessibility mistake

    Many third-party embeds are presented to assistive technology in an unsatisfactory form.

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    Simplify theming SVG with contextual fill and stroke values!

    The keywords 'context-fill' and 'context-stroke' are now available when specifying the 'fill' and 'stroke' properties. What SVG powers do they grant?

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    Testing experimental browser features on Linux - Is Linux supported?

    I was exploring new HTML and CSS feaures yesterday, a new proposal called Invokers caught my attention. I wanted to try it out in a browser on Linux.

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    How to create a slick CSS animation from Cocktail

    Let's jump to the 80's and create an animation with a retro feel. Cocktail!

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    Using Prettier and ESLint for JavaScript formatting

    Learn how to use ESLint and Prettier together to automatically format and fix JavaScript code in your projects.

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    How to create a slick CSS animation from Jackie Brown

    The title sequence for Jackie Brown is simple but has some 70's flair. Let's recreate the reveal animation of the title card.

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    Eleventy - Group posts by year

    Let's create a blog with posts grouped by year in descending order. This is actually tricky to pull off!

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    VS Code - Why you should always bundle a VS Code extension, and prefer esbuild as the bundler

    Bundled extensions load faster. I would recommend using esbuild as your bundler. Here is why.