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    Want to create attractive, interactive docs? Use these amazing documentation tools and examples

    Too often, technical documentation is dry, linear, and static. I believe that there is great potential for making stories about code more expressive and edifying. I want to explore the new wave of documentation tools that are pushing the boundaries.

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    Recover from a linux boot issue - no free disk space

    The other day, I got myself in a tangle. I ran out of disk space on my system hard drive and I could not boot into Ubuntu properly. This is how I fixed it.

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    Are CSS utility classes a mild form of obfuscation?

    If I see something interesting or novel on a website, I like to investigate how it was made through the browser's devtools. When I was exploring an example today, there was an unexpected speed bump.

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    How to create a slick animation from Schitt's Creek

    This time, I will make the title sequence from Schitt's Creek. It has a quirky, irreverent quality to it.

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    How to migrate a JavaScript project to pnpm (package manager)

    pnpm claims to be the performant node package manager. It using less disk space, and can resolve dependency trees much faster than its peers. Should I migrate my existing projects?