RSS feed issue from site migration - it is fixed now!

RSS feed issue from site migration - it is fixed now!

Hello RSS friend,

I just moved my website to 11ty (eleventy). It went well but there was a wee bit of collateral damage!

I made a faux pas with my feed. 😅

If you noticed that HTML elements have shown in the content, this is no longer the case. I did not use the safe filter on the content in the nunjucks template.

You may have noticed my most recent article - How to perform a global find and replace of text (replace all occurrences in all files) in VS Code - has shown up twice. I did in fact publish it twice by mistake! 🤭 I have a new way of managing drafts that I am getting accustomed to.

I have maintained the same article ID and dates for the rest of my articles, however some RSS readers cache results differently and can decide an article is new, when it is fact not new. I checked this in my RSS reader (Liferea) and it did appear to show every article from my RSS feed twice.

I think that this happens in some RSS readers if the date string is not absolutely identical, even if the date and time and timezone values are equivalent. It is annoying that there is inconsistency around the logic behind what RSS Readers see as a new article.

If this is the case for you, it may only require refreshing the feed. If your RSS reader needs to reset its view of the my feed, usually you can reset this by unsubscribing to the feed, and then subscribing to the feed. I did this in Liferea and it reset the feed to the correct state. If there is some caching in your reader, you may need to invalidate or clear it. feed in liferea rss reader

Sorry for the inconvenience. It should be smooth sailing from here out!

If there is a lingering issue, please let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂